Data designer Execution status

  • 30 August 2021
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Hi Team


I have a Data Designer which is scheduled to run at 3 PM , usually this takes around 5 min to execute. I have couple of JO Programs which takes data from this DD and are scheduled to run at 3:30 PM. 


Now sometimes because of slowness the DD execution doesnt start till after 3:30 PM and the JO programs completes the execution with old data itself. Is there a way we can find the DD execution status automatically and include it as trigger condition in JO?

2 replies

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Nalin - there are 2 aspects that you speak of 

  1. Data Designer execution being slow - Is it possible for you make sure no other design is scheduled at that time or this design is not blocked by other designs in execution? We only run 1 design at a time. 
  2. JO Triggering post DD is done - This is an interesting concept. Will discuss this internally once.
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Thanks @rakesh , slowness was there for couple of days for all DDs, I have a support case opened for that.

Point 2 mentioned by you is what I am looking for. This will really enhance the capabilities for running JO, Rules etc with Data Designer.