• 7 September 2021
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Hello GS Community,


Currently we have some concerns where GS automated emails are going out to customers while a CSM is on PTO. We still want the communications to go out, but potentially from a different person. For example, if the CSM is taking PTO for a few days, maybe a week, we don’t necessarily want to change the CSM on the account, but rather have the communication come from the manager of that CSM. Is it possible to set something like this up through Journey Orchestrator?


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@justynharvey2021 We ran into a similar scenario, and I just created a flag on the User object to be flagged when the user (CSM) was out of the office.  Then, you could create a conditional wait in your journey to look for that flag.  Ours is being used for longer leaves, but you could potentially configure something similar for out of office.  Just might be a pain to manage for shorter terms.

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@heather_hansen thank you so much. I will definitely look into this. The first one might be challenging to create for a short program, but I can just use the clone tool for future short programs.

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Hello @heather_hansen, thank you for your post. Will be looping in our Product Manager to look into this and get back to you. 

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Hello @heather_hansen 
Let us know if this workaround shared above is able to solve your use case?

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Some kind of toggle that the end user can enable when they go out of office would be really great. Almost like a CSM hub where they can toggle this and maybe add their own personal notes, etc. 

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We also use a Temp CSM field for extended leave coverage and take advantage of that when it is filled out for scenarios like this.