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  • 2 December 2015
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When I view some of the outreaches we've put together in Copilot, it seems as though we're only able to track the number of opens, clicks, bounces, etc. The way we currently track our email outreaches is by the % of unique opens, clicks, and bounces. While I could see the benefit of tracking the pure number of opens and clicks, is there no way to also track the percent of unique opens and clicks as well?

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29 replies

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Another question - if I use an email in more than one Program, can I still use Email Logs to generate this reporting BY Program? I'm not seeing anything in the filtering that allows me to view these metrics by program.

I don't use the Program Analytics because it aggregates the reporting for all emails, so I use the Email Logs. Now we are launching additional Programs to different audiences that use the same email but I want to report on them separately. How else can I get the unique open/click data for Email A in Program A and in Program B as two different reports? It's frustrating that it's this difficult to get basic email reporting honestly 
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Would batch name or batch ID work?
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Oh batch name might do it (it's a bit confusing that batch name appears to be the same as program name but the fields aren't consistent across sources). Batch (to me) usually means group of sends, as in Monday's send would be batch 1, Tuesday's batch 2, so on and so on. The glossary definition was not the most helpful in this instance, haha.

Thank you!
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Hey Kelly. Valid points, it's not super clear. Batch name is a bit of a legacy naming convention from the old CoPilot functionality (i.e. Outreaches pre-Journey Orchestrator). 

Hope that worked!