Conditional Wait (link clicked) after a wait timer

  • 1 October 2022
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Hi everyone!

I’m reaching out for help. 


My team would like to create a program this way:

  1. Email 1A
  2. Conditional wait - Link clicked up to 1 day
  3. Email 1b (if link isn’t clicked)
  4. Wait timer - 7 days
  5. Conditional wait - If Link was clicked in 1A or 1b. (the issue is here)
  6. If it wasn’t clicked - it ends the outreach
  7. Email 2a - If recipients clicked the link



This is the calculated field that was built, however, email 2A is still sent to recipients who didn’t click the link in email 1A nor email 1B


Could you please guide me on a workaround for this?


Thanks for your support :D 

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