Calendar Link for meeting invites

  • 10 June 2021
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Does the capability exist, natively, to create a calendar link integrated with Outlook that can be shared externally for customers to schedule meetings with CSMs based on the CSMs availability (Like HubSpot’s Calendar Tool)? Or, is the only way via an API integration using a service like Calendly?

3 replies

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@gangel its a great ask, thank you for sharing this here. Currently this is not possible, I am sharing this with the product team for more visibility.

@ALl, please leave your vote to show your interest on this request.

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Hello @gangel 

We are having calendly API integration in our roadmap. I will keep you posted once it is prioritised.



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Hi @gangel

It is possibly to add a Hubspot meeting link to emails in Gainsight. If you’re users have a meeting link, what I would recommend is that you load the links to the Gainsight user table. To do this, create a new field on the user object called Hubspot meeting link.

Once the field is created, you will need to go into each user record and copy/paste their links into Gainsight. Or you can mass upload the data via CSV and S3. 

After loading the meeting links, you can use this new field in any email template to send to the customer. Each customer could receive the meeting link for their CSM. For example, if the email is going to an account that is managed by a CSM named John Smith, you can load his specific link in the email that is sent to his customers.


The above is possible with any calendar link and you don’t fully need the integration. I suspect however that this will be a bit easier once the integration is completed.