BCC on journey orchestrator or allow JO emails to post to timeline

  • 13 August 2021
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We would like the option to track emails sent by the JO to post to the timeline.  I saw the other post about this was marked solved with an explanation that the design was intentional.  I was going to use a workaround and use the post-to-timeline email address as a CC, however, I don’t want that address viewable to the email recipient.  I also tried using the “send a copy to” feature instead of the CC, but that didn’t work as I would have expected (it create a blank draft timeline post).  

3 replies

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@cynthiam thank you for sharing this here. I will get back to you on this. 

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@cynthiam I would be cautious about adding all Journey Orchestrator automation to Timeline. That can lead to what’s perceived as a lot of noise in the Timeline, and make the signal your CSMs seek hard to easily identify when scanning the Timeline.

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@cynthiam  : I agree with @matthew_lind  adding all JO Automation to Timeline would be too much. However if you want to track it, there is an option in JO program to log the emails to Salesforce (if you map the user id in the JO Program). You can log these to SF and then if really need can get them in Gainsight as well.