Apart from Flattened object , is there any object that holds, survey question, survey answer(response) and survey name in any single object

  • 12 January 2022
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Hello Team:


Here is the use case:
Hi Team,

we have a new NPS program for every three months under different conditions.

I have a requirement to pull a same question and answer from an NPS program every 3 months to salesforce. The problem is that every time we are building a new rule on the new flattened NPS object to get the question and answer pulled to salesforce. Is there any way we can ease the process of finding the question , answer, participant details and the survey name in any single stable/standard object apart from flattened object.


Can you please suggest any workarounds through data designers jobs, etc that reduces the rework to  create new rule for every 3 months to pull the details in the flattened object to sales


1 reply

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@spencer_engel , @katerina_nemcova any ideas you can share here?