Zero(0) evolution line missing in report builder for weekly timeframe.

Currently, we are showing available data in the weekly timeframe. But the customer would like to see 0 on the evolution line. If the data is not available for that particular week's time frame.


Below is example scenario

Imagine if we want to see an evolution line of how many chocolates sold each week, if there is a week that we did not sell any chocolate, it shows "0" chocolate sold, and not skip the week.

Hello @tejkumar, thank you for posting on Community. I understand that this enhancement could help your teams. Looping in our Product Manager to look into this idea and share their thoughts and roadmap if possible.

@tejkumar  - The timeline can only be as good as the data, if the underlying table does not have a entry for a date. 

However, we do have a longer term roadmap item to enhance timeline based functionality on the report builder.