[Zendesk Requests Feature] KC Bot : Allow For Sending Of Custom Field On Ticket Creation

It is found for certain ticket default forms, different fields are marked as required when creating a ticket in Zendesk.


Although the “Zendesk Requests” feature can directly create Zendesk tickets after a feedback is submitted in KC Bot, request from PX fail Zendesk validation due to x required field, as PX typically sends subject and description.


Given the PX config isn’t able to config additional custom fields to send to Zendesk, it be nice to have that function to cater the different required fields customers have.



If the PX Zendesk Request feature allowed for targeting a specific Ticket Form, then I’d be able to easily work around this.

As the PX Zendesk Request feature goes directly to our “Default” Ticket Form, this is the form we use in many other contexts and as it’s customer facing - we require the end-user to self-triage when submitting through this channel.  This ensures it goes to the correct internal support team.

Outside of this Feature Request, I could see how other organizations may want to take advantage of the added capabilities this PX Zendesk Request feature could leverage, such as when making the API call to Zendesk to create a ticket, adding information PX is already aware of to the ticket,  like what product they were in when submitting the ticket.

I’ve always liked how Gainsight PX itself built in the PX Bot to the “Contact” button in the top right.  The workflow one receives when submitting an issue, where it asks if it’s a Business Critical issue or Standard - it’d be so great if fields on the targeted Zendesk Ticket Form were to populate in the KC Bot in the same way.  Basically bringing in the same self-triaging experience into the widget.


Our Default Ticket Form: https://support.securly.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


We were thinking of allowing to add labels for a category and using that to be  multi selected to tag when creating feedback of that category. It wont  be a Key/Value pair but more additional tags.

Will that address this use case?

@skalle - our primary challenge right now with using Zendesk Requests is that it goes to our default form that has required fields.

I built a new Ticket Form which has zero required fields , it’d be cool if I could define ticket_form_id on requests that come from KC Bot using Zendesk Requests.


This form only has Subject and Description. I’d just copy it’s numeric form ID and paste it into an available field on the PX Zendesk settings.


@willpatterson  ideally the mandataory fields should be checked and failure passed. Can you please raise a support ticket for this so that we can look into this further.

@skalle - I had a ticket open for this with @kevin_ly - it’s closed now, but i’d be happy to rebuild the test environment if there is value in that. 

Based on what @kevin_ly shared with me in our ticket, he saw the failures in your logs and provided me with the form field id - which was not allowing the Zendesk Request to continue. 

I’m sure i’m not alone in the use of mandatory fields in Zendesk forms.  I like seeing that you’re planning on adding more functionality here, but right now i’m not seeing much value in using Zendesk Requests over it being forwarded to our support email address.

I think where PX could add a lot of value as it relates to ticket creation via Zendesk Requests would be by at a minimum, targeting a specific ticket form id.  Because I could make a zendesk form for each product we have PX on today (6) - ensuring that when a user in “Product A” submitting a ticket in “KC Bot A” Feedback - would immediately be triaged to the correct support team.  It’s a more efficient flow over our massive inbound generic queue, specifically because I know it came from within our product, that they’re a customer, and that I can remove potentially 1-2 touches (saving minutes if not hours in response time).