Zendesk Connector refresh frequency

Right now the Zendesk connector only refreshes data once a day which is good to get a basic idea on what is going on with our accounts, but not enough to be up to date with what is going on with our Support team. Is there any way to increase the frequency of refresh for the ZenDesk connector? This is something that almost everyone we introduce Gainsight to within our company asks and once we tell them it is currently once a day is kind of a let down.


Hi Marcelo, 

Currently, there is no way to change the sync frequency. What frequency of updates would you need to be able to be up to date with what is going on with your Support team? Real-time, once every 2 hours, etc...?

On a separate but related topic - 

1) What would you like to know about your support team? 

2) How else would a more frequent sync help you?

3) How and when would you act on it?



Ideally it would be real time, but if we could get it to run once an hour I think it would cover the basic requirements. The reason for this (and to answer your questions):

- Our CSMs do not handle any commercial aspects for the account, but they are responsible to be the liaison between the customer and our different technical internal teams. 

- Having an up to date feed from ZD will help CSMs when providing our weekly report which we review with customer to assess, among other things, current status of their support tickets

- When an urgent ticket is filed, the CSM is responsible for coordinating all activities till the issue is either resolved or case priority is lowered, which required the CSM to be alerted as well as made aware of the latest status

- Support Management dashboards held within GS require up to date information on current escalated, urgent and high tickets. A daily snapshot won't support this effort.

- We would want specific CTAs and outreaches to be triggered based on specific events logged in ZenDesk.

Let me know if this helps in understanding the requirement. Thanks for your help!

Very helpful in understanding the requirements better. Thank you!
Sidhu, are there any plans on incorporating this functionality into the connector?
Sidhu: any updates on this? Are you guys considering this?
Just wanted to bump this as it came up in support today. Are there any plans to allow for a more frequent Zendesk ticket sync?

Hi Alex,

We have this request on the backlog for future enhancements. No ETA at this time.

It seems to me this should be a pretty high priority item considering the impact customers' interaction with support has on their health and status. I currently integrate with Zendesk however the only once a day sync is not nearly enough for me to rely on the data within GS. If the frequency of these pulls were to improve it would 100% increase my and my teams use of the product. I'm sure this is the case for others out there considering how many people work with both Zendesk and GS. Thanks and happy to talk to anyone if they want more info from me!

Hi Marcelo,

Thanks for sharing this feedback. We do have this enhancement on our backlog for enhancements for our Zendesk integration. No specific ETA at this time.

+1 for this request

Yep, another +1 on this.

We are just implementing Gainsight, and I was STUNNED to learn that the Zendesk connector only syncs once a day... if I'm going to "live in Gainsight" as my primary place to work, then I need to know what is happening in my accounts far more frequently than once every 24 hours.

When a hot ticket comes in, I want to know about it and Gainsight is the place to know it best, IF I am living there.

PLEASE this is a much more strategic topic than a random feature request.

Thanks, Dave

@sumesh - wanted to make sure you were aware of this enhancement request.

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Hi all,


Stumbled across this topic and having experienced this issue myself, wanted to share an alternative solution we found which might be music to your ears. 


If you use Salesforce there is a Zendesk app called ‘Zendesk for Salesforce’ that enables a real time ticket sync between Zendesk and Salesforce. Once this is setup it creates a ‘Zendesk Support Ticket’ object in Salesforce and this is updated when new tickets come in. We report on this object in GS and add the report to the C360 to provide a real time view of Zendesk Support Ticket issues for our Gainsight users. It also has a lookup to the account object which means you can report on support tickets in Gainsight using account level data, which the MDA Zendesk object doesn’t allow. 


Hope this helps!

@faelan_herriott thank you, will check it out! 

I’m also going to formally switch this post to an Idea (feature request) post.

I just ran into the same limitation with the Zendesk connector on Gainsight NXT. Basically the first sentence in marcelos post is exactly the feedback I got from my team as well

Right now the Zendesk connector only refreshes data once a day which is good to get a basic idea on what is going on with our accounts, but not enough to be up to date with what is going on with our Support team.

Is there any update on this, other than using the Salesforce <> Zendesk integration as a workaround? (Which is something I’d rather avoid for a couple of unrelated reasons.)

The goal of Gainsight is to collect data from multiple sources related to the customer and present to the CSM so that decisions, choices, and conversations can be had with a 360 view.  But, with such an infrequent update to Zendesk activity, the CSM has no accurate status regarding outstanding tickets and troubles.  Thus, we must leave Gainsight and jump to the source system just to see how many tickets they have and what steps should be taken.  

We should have a choice in how often to run the Zendesk integration, whether it be near-real-time, every 2 hours, or whatever.  This is a significant miss in the overall approach to a 360 view. 

This update would be amazing. In order to resync it, I currently turn off the sync entirely and turn it on again, Google the time conversion to UTC and put it for a few minutes from now. It’s super frustrating, especially when troubleshooting, and considering that Zendesk is so real time and our support team’s SLA is 8 hours, near real-time visibility is crucial. 

Zendesk sync logs are another component I would love to see on this. 

Hello. Thank you for your inputs. The new Zendesk connector resolves this problem by allowing hourly sync. The documentation can be found here: https://support.gainsight.com/Gainsight_NXT/Connectors_(Horizon_Experience)/Support_Systems/Zendesk_Connector.