ZenDesk - Authorize based on Token

I am working with a customer who wants to authorize the Gainsight connector to ZenDesk with a token, rather than a user/pass.  Is this possible as it would make management of vendor connectors to ZenDesk easier?  Let me know if more info is needed

@jean.nairon I know you are a expertise on the connectors, could you please leave your comments here.

Hi @jim_barker . We use OAuth to authorize the Zendesk connector. Can you share more information on the token? We can analyze the token request and add it to our roadmap if it is feasible. 



The ZenDesk use of the token uses an email formatted user id/token  and then pass the token in as the password…

Happy to chat about this if you are interested in more info


That makes sense to me. Zendesk has the ability to create an API token for some of the other integrations. Perhaps this can be used for what Jim is looking for.


Here are some more details on Zendesk API Tokens: