Will you stop stripping out JavaScript from the KC Bot--or support adding JavaScript?

We use Zendesk for our Help content. We added custom JavaScript to create tabs for Desktop and Mobile. For an example, see this Help article. I haven’t enabled the KC Bot, which was an important feature when looking for an onboarding tool, because the JavaScript gets stripped out. It shows two buttons that do nothing, and the Desktop and Mobile content are lumped together.

Knowledge Base Merge models into a single file Important: Each model must use the same global so that the merged file looks cohesive. 1. From the File Manager, select two or more right-click and select Merge items. 2. In the Merge Models to New File dialog, en for the new file, and click Create File.

I had also started implementing accordions using JavaScript, but had to stop b/c it created the same issue in the Gainsight KC Bot.
Gainsight also seems to strip out anything custom: JavaScript or .CSS. If you have to strip this out, can you at least provide a way to copy the JavaScript and style sheet over to Gainsight?

Any CSS should not be getting stripped out but yes, enabling any Javascript to be executed from engagements or KC Bots opens up xss security vulnerabilities and is why it is locked down (stripped out).

The team is investigating options to open access and/or to provide PX with approved or allowed javascript to be executed from engagements and KC Bot. We plan to have something in place within the next 2-3 months.

@molly.phillips as per @angelo comment, changing this to the idea for better tracking.