Widget Target & Variance Detail

The widget tile is helpful when summarizing detail into an overall number. However, it doens't provide context to if the number is good or bad. To provide more value and more importantly drive more action from the informaiton, it would be nice to have an ability to add a "Target" value to the widget tile. Then the tile could show the 'Actual' value, 'Target' value & Variance (Target - Actual). This would give more insight into the value and if any action is needed.

Ideal state would be that in addition to actual, target & variance there was also a indicator (r, y, g) to allow you to set thresholds for the variance to allow for a visual cue to figure out if action is needed and how urgently.

This has my vote up for sure!!! This is something that was recently requested in a user story for one of our new pilot team adoptions.

I received this exact wish last week - to have the widget (or its number) presented in green, yellow and red depending on the value presented to bring attention where action is needed on the dashboard.

I also wish we had a widget allowing us to present a percentage instead as sometimes this is more meaningful than a number.

This would be great, also as @diane_morneau  mentions, as percentage would be great, % to target on a revenue target would be amazing.

Is there any update on target fields with Horizon analytics?

Yes @ashleyyoung 

We have done this for horizon analytics. Notice how the 2nd KPI report below has a Goal and a variance. Goal is static for now but we have plans to give a dynamic goal.