Why no filter to Engagement / Trends ?

In the Engagement tab a user can choose between Overview / Trends / Explorer.

In both the Overview and Explorer views, there is the possibility to add filters, but not in the trends view. Why can't we filter in the Trends view? For example, I am interested to see the trend within customers in a specific revenue band, industry, lifetime in months, etc. but cannot do this.
Thanks for the feedback, Gabriel. I acknowledge that filters should be consistently available. We'll keep this in our queue for future enhancements. Meanwhile, it is possible to build the exact same trend report with filters, using our new report builder.
We are also eager to filter and drill down on Engagement tab, being able to export or report directly off that tab would be ideal. 
Hey Gabriel,

I recently started going through all of the unanswered

or unresolved problems and questions here. Was checking to see if this

has been resolved or if it is an ongoing issue/question?


Thanks Evan, although Manu did provide a workaround, I still consider this to be unresolved. I would like to work more with engagement, but the lack of filtering is a definite limitation.