When will tabular reports in Email Assist be supported?

The ability to send a compact tabular report via Programs is a great enhancement. Is this on the roadmap for other forms of communication as well? I.e. Email Assist

This would be extremely helpful.

Hi team,

My customer is also interested in this feature. Is there any ETA on this one ?

+1 to this idea.

It would be great if either we could add inline tabular reports or have a tabular report attachment option in EA, similar to what we have in JO Programs.

Use case: one of my customers is sharing usage data with their customers on an adhoc basis through an EA task. The customer wants to be able to provide a full list of users, user emails + logins to the recipient, but can't currently provide this list in an easy to read format without one of these options.

Open to any other ideas on how we could include this information a different way.

I also need this! Would like to email out failed participants to internal uers - right now there isn't an opiton for this.

This would be very helpful. It is surprising that the tabular view isn’t available as I would think it would cover broader use cases.

Any ideas on when this will be implemented if at all? @nitisha_rathi 



Hello All,

Tabular reports should be supported in email assist by August. I will keep you posted about the release updates.

@chethana Do we have an updated ETA for when this will be available?


@scott_496fa0 I will update you here once we consider this request.

+1. This would be a great feature. 

Hello All,

This feature is work in progress, i will keep you posted about release timelines.

Thank you @chethana!

+1 This would be very helpful!!

Hello All,

We are working on this feature, i will update the release timelines.

Any update on timelines @chethana?

@PavanCh to get this on your radar.

any update on this feature?

@sriram pasupathi could you pl check this.

Hello All,

Tabular reports would be supported in email assist(NxT) by Q2

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