When using the path analyzer our naming conventions are too long to see full name

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Our company uses Gainsight CS and PX. We made our naming conventions pretty accurate so when usage data is passed to CS our CSMs can understand the feature/module that the user interacted with directly. We love the nesting of the module/feature concept in PX, however when integrating with CS that doesn't port over as seamlessly. So we need to be more descript with our names so CS users understand the behavior. That being said, when I go to path analyzer it's terribly difficult to see the pages titles. Upon hover, you can't see the full name either. There's several opportunities here...

  1. As you integrate PX with CS further port over the module/feature levels so we don't have to accommodate robust naming conventions (clearly a bigger ask)

  2. Allow for wrapping of names in the path analyzer so I can see more text

  3. Allow the hover of the path analyzer to show full text

A bit of blocker for us given the naming style. Plenty of work arounds, but I'd image more users will face this issue until CS/PX talk a bit more together. If you can get the wrapping or the hover as a hold over that would be appreciated.

We're also having trouble viewing the complete module & feature name path in the engagement configuration process (under Audience > Product Mapper) when the path is really long. This makes it tricky sometimes to identify if we're selecting the correct location for the engagement.

Sarah, thanks for your post and feedback.

For points 2 & 3, @ciarapeter / @mickey users are not able to see full names on path analyser even when hovering over, it would be a good enhancement.

For point 1: We have been discussing this internally and we not need to worry about the naming convention in PX. We can continue to use the naming convention that we like/prefer in PX as we do have a way to see that data within CS through the Path name.

I know that you already instrumented your mapper using a longer naming convention based on my past recommendation, but given this is not idea, I had been talking to my team and wanted to share this updated approach with you.

cc: @christopher_sanderson @nitin_pawar

I've also been experiencing this issue when trying to create product mapper audience rules. I've seen other parts of PX that allow you to expand the selection window in order to see these names, but that doesn't appear to be an option here.

I can search for a specific name, but that does not seem to work consistently, and since I need to know the exact name of the page I'm looking for, it's not ideal. Also, after a selection is made, you go back to not being able to see the full name of what's been selected, which can cause further confusion when editing engagements.

Moving this over to Ideas, since we’re still seeing some problems with longer paths:


Resurfacing this conversation, as I am having a similar issue with seeing the full feature path name in Retention Analysis reports. I also noticed that when hovering over the feature name, a tooltip appears with the full name, but the tooltip seems to get “stuck” on the first feature hovered over -- meaning that when I hover over another feature, a tooltip appears again but contains the feature path of the previous feature I hovered over. This makes it difficult to identify which feature is which when using similar names in the Product Mapper; each feature is a similar function, but live in different locations so it’s important that they are mapped separately.  


On another, less important note - seems like PX interprets the forward slash “/” character as the arrow → character. The features in the screenshot are named “Mark/Unmark Important CTA” not “Mark → Unmark Important CTA”  


The ability to resize the drop down (original product idea here) has been implemented to allow for viewing the longer feature names. If they still do not fit at their widest… recommend updating the naming convention to reduce the length.


Please create a support ticket for issues that look like bugs (i.e. tooltip “stuck” on first feature hovered, issue related to slash)

I made tickets for both items, thanks!