What is the most efficient way to mass add an objective to an existing success plan?

We are using success plans to streamline a company-wide transition for our customers. We implemented and mass created these success plans, but would now like to add 1 additional objective with a survey email template for follow up once the rest of the plan is complete. Is there a way to mass add 1 additional objective to any plan already using a specific template? Or would we be better off to trigger a CTA based on completion of the current 'last' objective?

Reading this, particularly the section on Preventing duplicate Success Plans, leads me to believe that if a Template is already associated to the Success Plan then you cannot update an existing Success Plan with a new Template:


I think your idea of the the CTA triggered off the completion of the last objective would work for this use case.

Hi @katie_b

Is this a one-time thing you want to do or an ongoing process? As in, once a set of objectives are completed in a SP you want to add a new objective to that existing SP? Today that is possible manually (i.e  end-users can append a template to an existing success plan) but not in an automated fashion. We do have it in our long term roadmap to allow appending templates to existing success plans automatically via our rules engine

@aditya_marla This particular scenario is a one-time thing, BUT as we utilize success plans more and more (and especially those that are long-term) I see it being beneficial to be able to add/update objectives without having to manually edit each one. We all know process changes happen frequently….and we’d want them to be reflected. This particular plan was added to ALL of our relationships, so editing 5000ish plans isn’t feasible. An ideal situation for me would be to make an edit to the template we used and have an option to ‘push’ the update to all success plans using that template that are not already closed.

Hello Everyone!

Happy to announce that your request has been considered partially and included as part of the v6.12 release. Gainsight now enables Admins to perform mass edit actions on Success Plans, including Reassign Ownership and Delete Success Plans in bulk. However, Admins can only reassign the ownership of a Success Plan to others, and not the individual Objectives and Tasks within it.

You can find the relevant information in our article

This feature is implemented only in the NXT version.

Thanks for posting!

was the other part of this ever implemented to add an objective to an existing Success Plan? We have a KPI object in SFDC that we want to work in tandem with the objectives. There is a record per KPI and if there is a new KPI created, we want it to trigger for a new objective on the success plan @rakesh_lingala 

@rakesh_lingala how is this idea marked implemented? the question is creating a new objective on an existing success plan - it does not say anything about mass editing ownership or deleting. this is a very misleading status

Mass edit actions for Success Plan objectives is in immediate roadmap.  Users will be able to delete or reassign ownership of objectives through mass edit. 

Rules engine action to update success plans is in medium term roadmap. User will be able to append new templates to existing Success Plan via rules engine.