Webhook / Zapier integration

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We have multipe cases that would benefit from some sort of webhook or Zapier integration. Ideally the webhook would act both as input for engagements (to be defined in the audience selector) and can be set as an action based on engagement response (behaviour based completion action). Case examples:

  • Send feedback from customers to platform x (e.g. Surveymonkey or Google Sheets)
  • Trigger engagement in case of extended trials or billing issues
  • Integration for Marketing automation campaigns (e.g. from Marketo) 
  • etc..

This would be huge and an incredible value-add. Great callout.

We use a lot of zaps for posting of key updates to slack in real-time, currently we are having to go via SFDC for this which means we lose some of the data due to the differences between them (and we clog SF up with things that don’t actually need to be there)


Example, we have asked CSM’s to add a specific timeline entry for Covid-19 updates, these then create an event in SF (when really it’s not an event) using the activity sync, which in turn posts the notes to a specific channel on Slack using Zapier. SF events require a duration in order to put an end time so CSM’s have to add a 0 in a box for the sync to work, plus if we could go direct I would add additional fields to use in the Zap which it’s not possible to via SF as the event object doesn’t allow it. 

This would also be helpful for sending webhooks from PX to CS to the Events Framework.

@All, Happy to announce that your request is considered and pushed to October release. 

Please refer to release notes for more info

You can refer to this community post to know the number of posts considered for October release.