Warning message when copy/pasting into timeline/email assist/email templates, etc.

Currently when copy/pasting from another source (ex: Word, Outlook, etc.) sometimes the inherited formatting of the text from the copy source can be pasted into Gainsight. Sometimes Gainsight has a hard time parsing that information on-screen, i.e. it displays weird or breaks formatting.

Is there a way to prompt a warning message if GS see's that there is a formatting issue? For example, if someone accidently pastes html into a field that breaks the page, maybe it throws a warning message saying that there might be a problem displaying this information. Not sure if this is doable or if GS can recogonize bad text but wanted to bring it up. Thanks! :)

Hi Andrew,

Formatting from different editors has to be handled differently. Currently, we are honoring formatting of chatter, evernote, word, outlook and gmail. In which editor are you getting the formatting issues?




@andrew_biehle Did you get a chance to view the comments by @nitisha_rathi ?

@andrew_biehle Did you get a chance to view the comments by @nitisha_rathi ?