Want to have the ability to set default values on the MDA table itself

While working with a customer, we have noticed that there are situations where a customer may want to aggregate a null Salesforce field while pushing data to an MDA table.  

In a Load to MDA rule, you can set the default value to "0", however when you aggregate a null value, the value remains null regardless of what default value you set.  This is because when the aggregation happens, the aggregated value of null is null, and the MDA recognizes that as a value.

What I am proposing is the ability to actually set a default value on the field level when you create a field in the MDA.  So for example, if I create a new field in an MDA table called "test 1", I'd like to have a dropdown or checkbox to set a default value in field properties when I create the field itself.
Like times 100!
We are working on this currently. Most likely will be delivered in the October release. The plan is to give a default value (Ex: NA or 0)  field for every data type so that NULL values will not be loaded at all.