View records updated by Gainsight Connect

When troubleshooting, it would be really helpful to view what records were updated in the Gainsight Connect logs. 

I've been doing some rules testing which involves making Customer Info updates and, in turn, updating Gainsight Connect in between runs to update Company object.  I was not getting the results I was expecting, even though I had manually run GC and saw there were records synced.  Would have saved me time if I could see what records actually synced to Company from Customer Info.
Hi Jeff Kirkpatrick,

It is the current behaviour that for successful jobs, we are not giving the link to download the records updated/inserted, but for failure job status we give link to download file. I will talk to the Product Manager and will post the updates. I would like to know whether you have any workaround to see the updated Records ?
I did not.  

Sometimes you run into situations where something was a "success" but it didn't perform the action you actually expected it to OR there was an issue of timing and you need to go back and track down where the disconnect happened.   Success or Failure, we should always be able to track events that happened in detail.
Hi Jeff

We have this in our roadmap of Gainsight Connect 2.0.For Gainsight Connect1.0, we need to think through to introduce this feature.

Hi Jeff, 


Sorry for the inconvenience, we do understand the request ,since the record count could be huge, there are technical challenges to show the inserted records. 


Redirecting this to our product team to get more details 



I have faith Gainsight can figure it out.

@sai_ram_pulluri If Gainsight can email out reports or make Rule datasets downloadable that contain thousands of records, how is it that this is such a challenge?

Since SF Connector is now being released, I just posted this: