Vault Use Case: NPS Program

This is the first in a series of posts highlighting specific use cases captured in Vault by a specific set of downloadable Assets.

Today's use case will be how to build out an effective and insightful NPS program. All of the following assets are found in the Manage Customer Risk folder > Sentiment Risk sub-folder.


If you haven't built your NPS Survey yet, download our pre-built one under the following title:

  • General NPS Survey

CoPilot Templates:

There are a number of useful CoPilot Templates to help you automate your NPS Program. You can download a Template to send out the NPS survey and a second to notify your CSMs whenever a survey is sent to one of their customers:

  • NPS Survey Email
  • Internal - NPS Notification to CSMs
    To fully automate the NPS process, you can set up CoPilot Templates to reply to NPS respondents of all types. Available Templates in Vault include:

    • NPS Promoter Response

    • NPS Passive Response

    • NPS Detractor Response


    The first type of Rule you'll want to set up will generate CTAs based on NPS responses from customers:

    • Create CTAs based on Yesterday's NPS Responses V1
    For an additional way to slice your NPS reporting and insights, we've added Rules to 'bucket' your customers according to their NPS responses:

    • NPS Bucketing 1: Load Default to Customer Info V1
    • NPS Bucketing 2: Load Promoter, Passive and Detractor to Customer Info V1


    The final step necessary for setting up your NPS Program is to have Playbooks with a specific set of action steps for each type of NPS respondent:

    • Sentiment Risk: Low NPS Rating
    • Sentiment Risk: Neutral NPS Rating
    • Sentiment Opportunity: High NPS Rating
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