Variant Email Templates In Email Assist

I have a request from a customer to be able to use (for example) the language variant when using email assist. In testing this it appears that it always defaults to the first in the list (English) when sending out. They'd like the email sent out to a contact outside the US to receive the email in the local language similar to the way that Co-pilot works. At this time it looks like they'd need to create a template for each language. 
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Hi Steve,

This is definitely on our roadmap but may not be available until June.


Is there an update on this? This is definitely something that is needed for our customer base where we serve the same customer in multiple languages.
Also looking for some insight into this- or any workaround options for global companies?
Hi Nitisha,

Any thoughts on when this will be delivered?

+1 on this request.  Right now I have multiples of playbooks as workarounds.  Would like to scale e-mail assist for our global customers!  
Yes yes! This would be amazing as we globalize our CS team. We use variants for other languages of the same message. This update would allow us to use one playbook with variants, rather than multiple.

+1, this would really help us cut down the number of templates and help us stay organized, especially since there isn't a folders/tags functionality yet.

Nitisha - any update on the timing here?



Also eagerly looking for an ETA!

Yeah, I have a similar use case, if having multiple templates would fix the problem it wouldn't be too much of a hassle, the problem is that you need to create multiple templates with the correct languages (or other variations you may need) and then you also need to duplicate playbooks and connect the email tasks to the templates.

the fact that you can't clone a playbook with email tasks doesn't help the situation... Ideally for me there would be a way in the rule actions where you could set criteria to check an accounts preffered language, and then when it activates a CTA, it would pull the correct language variation.

I guess this would include some complicated background things though as rule and the playbook need to "talk" to eachother to be smart enough to do this. would be a super helpful feature though that would save an absolute nightmare of template and playbook management (since there's also no way to properly organize templates at the moment other than having standardized tagging in the names)

+1 this would be a huge improvement!

Highly interested, as you know.

@nitisha_rathi for an update

This is crucial to us working with a global customer base - currently we have expanded surveys to multiple languages, and want our CSMs to be able to use email assists to react to responses in the language the customer took the survey.

@lila_meyer still no update from @nitisha_rathi?

Any update on time frame for having this implemented?

@dan_ahrens this seems to be a popular idea with a few requests for an update, could you weigh in?

Hi @nitisha_rathi - do we have anything like this on our roadmap plans?

@dan_ahrens @lila_meyer any update on this, given @nitisha_rathi has not followed up on the thread in 2+ years?

Now that the latest release allows for admins to control which templates are/are not available for CSMs to send from cockpit, we’d like to enable the feature. However almost all of our templates are variants - for both language and product differences in the messaging. 

Enabling this feature really won’t be helpful at this point, given this limitation. I’d have to duplicate each template with each single variation; with up to 12 per template that’s really not feasible.

Another product manager has taken up this feature area recently, so I’m reaching out to try and get an update here. 

This item is still under discussion by our product team. We’ll share a more specific update as soon as possible.

We definitely need this as we need to create different rules for  every CTA in every language that we support in different time zones