UX Updates to Data Configuration Page for 'Load to SFDC'

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It would be great to have two UX updates to the Data Load Configuration page where you enable objects/fields to be used in a 'Load to SFDC' rule.

#1 - After you click the '+' sign to select an Object, it's not clear that you need to click on the object name again to get the fields to show up in the field selection box.

#2 - I find that I am almost always in the process of building a rule when I realize I need to add an object/field to make it work. It would be IDEAL if we could either 1) Open the Data Load Configuration page in a new tab so I can keep my rule page open or 2) Have a button to take me back to my rule or at lease back into the Rule Engine 

Can't agree more! 

This has been in the radar for a long time but just getting pushed back in priority for some or the other reason. 

The votes on this can really push up the priority of this 🙂 Thanks Marie