User Management: Save Filters

It would be great to have saved filters on user management. Right now, when I add a filter to view just my full license users and click into a user to edit them, when I save and go back to the user list I have to re-add the filters. 


@andreammelde we will consider this request and add to our product roadmap.

Yes! This would definitely be helpful. Investigating large numbers of individuals who need a similar change is very tedious when the filter is not sticky.


Use case: Finding many users who are Super Admins, but should not be, and removing Super Admin privileges. Setting the filter for Super Admin = TRUE is easy enough, but each time I edit a User record and return to User Management, I have to reapply the filter. It’s inefficient, and inconsistent with other areas of the product where filters generally are sticky.


Additional idea: Allow the Edit User function to open in a new browser tab/window. This would effectively negate the loss of the User Management filter because the User Management page wouldn’t require a reload.