Use Multiple Inline Survey Questions

It would be nice to be able to add more than one inline survey question to an email template.  I don’t want to add 15, but we have 2 questions that we’d ideally like to add.  The other option would be to allow the ability to select a different inline question for the reminder email potentially.  

To give some context, we are getting low response rates to our Support survey emails, and we are looking at ways to increase that:

  • Inline questions
  • Changing the survey format
  • Changing the email content

It’s not easy to try different options currently without completely rebuilding the program other way.  Having more flexibility to add additional questions or different questions would help with this.

@heather_hansen I’m wondering if why this isn’t available today, is because the inline survey question links you out to the survey with the response the customer clicked being pre-populated. So even if there were two questions in the email, it would open up the survey on whichever question the user clicked first.

What is the type of questions you’re looking to include inline (eg text response, single select..?) 

I like the idea of being able to change the inline questions by email send step.

@sarahmiracle basically, they want to ask a CSAT question and a CES question in the same survey.  So, would ideally, like to have both questions as in-line questions to maximize the chance of an answer to both.  Also, you can’t get the fancy colors in the survey itself - only for the inline question.