Use iframe HTML tags in CoPilot email templates

The HTML code editor in CoPilot is a great feature, but it appears not to support insertion of iframe tags - for example inserting a youtube video. 

It would be great if this was supported - kinda how this HTML editor permits


Currently we are not supporting audio and video tags of HTML in code editor of Copilot. We will add capability to insert youtube videos later.
Email clients like Outlook and Gmail do not support the video's to be played from within an iframe, we got to do that in a different route. 

For now, You can insert an image and link that to video.
We would love the ability to embed or insert videos directly into the emails that are sent via CoPilot! Is there any push for this capability or an ETA if this has been discussed internally already?
Hi Manmeet, 

We have a solution designed to do that - the steps use our GSnap product as an example, but should be broadly applicable.