Upsert/Update Operation in S3/Rules Engine

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Currently we have below limitations in update/upsert operation

1) In S3, we can select only 5 keys as identifiers

2) In Rules, we can select only 3 fields as key identifiers per data type.

To overcome these limitations, we can have MD5 option to generate unique 32 bit character string. MD5 takes fields(should be concatenated as a string) as input and it gives unique 32 bit string. This field can be used in update/upsert operations. There is no limitation of number of fields to be used in MD5. We can select any field with any data type in MD5. Moreover, performance will be good if we use one key while updating table instead of having condition on more than one key.
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Did you try using the S3 ingest via bionic rules? Is this still an issue?