Updates to Playbooks

A lot of our processes are still in flux, so we're constantly making updates to playbooks and success plan templates. It would be great if when you made changes, there was an option to push that change out to all open existing versions of that playbook or Success Plan. Maybe a checkbox or a button that asks if you'd like to apply the changes everywhere?
This has also come up with adjustments on task due dates as success plans are refined.  Customers would like the option to mass adjust existing plans and open tasks to the refined cadence of steps.
I also flagged this recently for Email Assist -- when you update an email template, or an email token mapping in a Playbook, it's a bloody bother to pull up all the existing CTAs and replace their Playbooks, especially if the CSM has already started working on the Tasks in that CTA.
This would be a huge benefit to our CSMs; as our playbooks occasionally update.
Is there a way to bulk assign a playbook to existing CTAs after they have been released?

I recently did a release without the playbook and the only way I could find to associate the new playbook was manually to each CTA - is there a better way?

Seems like this might be a good edition to the Mass Edit feature.


Giving an option to cascade playbook changes to all open CTAs/ tasks means that we will be replacing the existing open task with the new updated task but this will result in loosing task attributes data which was manually entered by the CSM. Similar approach is taken while replacing/ re-applying a playbook. Do you think this approach will work for you?




Enhancing mass edit is in our roadmap and applying playbook in bulk will be a part of it. ETA to be decided.


Yes, I think that works. That way if we make a change, we don't have to rely on the Success Rep to update the playbook appropriately.
Adding a big +1 to this
Any update or ETA on this?
Echo'ing Matt, an update on this, please? 
I too got a support request from one of the customer - how to bulk update email templates in existing CTAs? That Email Template is part of Email Task which in turn part of a playbook applied to lot of CTAs.

Today while working on one of the customer request, I found that you can apply a playbook to a CTA by a rule(if not applied).

Based on the identifiers used in the CTA action, CTAs are up-serted (Type and Reason are default identifiers). If there is an existing CTA that matches the identifiers, then it is updated.

While updating:

  • Priority is updated if the new Priority is higher than the existing CTA's priority.
  • Chatter/Comments are updated based on the "Post update to chatter and/or comments" flag.
  • If existing CTA does not have a playbook and the new CTA has a playbook, then the playbook will be applied. 
I used the above trick and made the CTA name as identifier along with (Type and Reason as default identifier) and playbook got applied.

Here is a demo I did- https://share.vidyard.com/watch/1L5WWEnHPoMLKbVnRHC2r9
Making some updates to playbooks, and this is on my mind again.  Just wanted to put it back on the radar.
This is a pretty highly voted request.  Can we get a comment from Product on how soon this will get on the roadmap?  Lack of this ability creates extra work for CSMs and Ops both.
Hi All,

We understand the importance of this ask and this is definitely on our roadmap but may not be available until June. I will post further updates once I have more clarity on ETA.  



Any updates on an ETA? I’ve seen more customers where they have tasks already created and it is a lot of work to manually replace the playbook depending on the amount of tasks where the template needs updating.

Hi Alex,

This is something that is definitely there on our roadmap but unfortunately, it's not there on our short-term roadmap. I will keep you updated as an when we make any progress on this. 

This has also come up with adjustments on task due dates as success plans are refined.  Customers would like the option to mass adjust existing plans and open tasks to the refined cadence of steps.

On this specifically, updating the SP Due Date and even the capability to make Objectives and tasks due dates dependent on the Active Date (SP Status = Active) would be amazing. 

Huge +1 for this entire idea and thread though. @jean.nairon @CurtisValentine @mathieu.brillon @jesse_reyes @sacha @foster.sean92 

Is this still on the roadmap? 

This is a huge need and one of the reasons our onboarding team is evaluating other tools for their onboarding playbooks.

This continues to be need for us as well

Thanks for the feedback and patience everyone. We have added this to our medium term roadmap. Once we start deep diving, we will reach out to you for feedback. Thanks!

Hello Team,


Any update on ETA?

@indraneel_pampati @anton_vinny @jagadeesh_kumar_paidimarri 




+1 on this one @Srikanth 

@Srikanth @Erseburse Tentatively, this will be picked in late Q1 (2022).