Update scorecard 2.0 score measures from Timeline view

We have a CSM Sentiment measure that our team prefers to manually set the score and log an update on the measure timeline. Today they need to navigate to Scorecard 2.0, click on the measure score, & set the score from the scorecard view THEN the click into the measure & log an Update activity.

Set Scorecard 2.0 Manual Measure Score

Seems odd that the measure score on the left allows setting of the score and not the measure score on the right…. Why not allow both to have the Set Score capability?


This would save some clicks and optimize the process of manual scorecard measures.



@davebrown2242 Updating measures from timeline is in our roadmap, and should be available in the next 2 quarters.

You would be able to do it from scorecard timeline, and company timeline as well.

@shantan_reddy  :sunglasses::thumbsup:

@shantan_reddy   When you updated the sentiment measure from the company timeline, it doesn’t seem to impact the CSM Sentiment on the Health Scorecard.  Is that intentional? It seems like if you are updating based on an activity you’re in, it should translate to the main scorecard.

@amandatelford We have not yet implemented a way to update scores from Company Timeline. You will need to do it from the scorecard section in C360. May I know how you are updating the sentiment measure from the company timeline?




@shantan_reddy  We are not, though there is a rule created that theoretically should update the scorecard section but doesn’t seem to actually do it.  Post on another thread.


@shantan_reddy So this post above saying you can do it from the company timeline does not work, is that correct?  Does the other thread discussing creating a rule to do so work as far as you (or anyone knows)?


@amandatelford Yes, I meant that there is no direct feature that allows you to do it. You can always use a field on Timeline and run rules to update the scorecard based on that field.