Update playbook task dates if CTA is rescheduled

The playbook tasks are all assigned due date based on an offset from the CTA date. However, if the CTA date is moved/rescheduled; the playbook task dates do not automatically update and must be manually changed. Would make more sense if the playbook tasks were adjusted when the CTA is rescheduled (or at least have that option).
Changing the date on tasks associated to a CTA is similar to change the owner on all tasks. Both are important to managing CTAs.
We definitely need this.  Right now it is very tedious for our reps to change the CTA date then go in and change the date of all the tasks. 
This would be extremely helpful for our team as well.

Ex: business reviews can often take longer than anticipated to schedule so if our first task to "reach out to schedule QBR" is delayed then all subsequent tasks need to be updated as well. 
Thanks for all the great inputs.

I see 2 different feature requests here  -

1) If Task due date is modified, re-adjust remaining task's and CTA's due date. 

2) If CTA due date is modified, re-adjust all task's due dates.

We will consider both and keep you all updated on the progress. 
Sidhu -

Glad you are considering this. It is related to this Idea:

Adjustable Task Due Dates on CTAs

Very critical to our AMs being able to manage their CTAs/Tasks.


Any updates on this feature? This would really help my team adopt Gainsight better. Many of our playbooks have multiple dates that can span weeks or months. Having the dates update would help users use the playbooks more effectively.
Hi Ian, this is planned for next quarter (Feb quarter). We have 2 releases in the quarter. Will update you once we have more details. Thanks.
This enhancement will be available in our Jan 2016 release.