Unchecking a task should change the CTA status to Active

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One of our users pointed out today that when she went back to a closed CTA and opened one of the sub-tasks it didn't re-open the CTA itself. I understand from the support team this is expected behavior. They suggested I post it here as an idea.

Steps to reproduce:

- Find a CTA with status Closed - Resolved

- View sub-tasks, un-check a task

- Refresh page

User's Expected behavior

- CTA Status would change from "Closed - Resolved" to "Active"

- CTA Name (and other attributes) would no longer display as Strikethrough type

- CTA would show up in cockpit when viewing only open CTAs

Actual behavior

- Task status changed from Completed to Not Started

- CTA Status remains as "Closed - Resolved"
@Amy, Thanks for posting. This is a valid ask, I am redirecting this to respective product team. 
Similarly, checking off the first task on a CTA in a "New" status should change the full CTA or Success Plan to "In Progress".