Unable to remove Add to Destination in Connectors

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Not sure if this is a bug or how it is supposed to function, but I am unable to remove the Add to Destination task in my connector job. I needed to add an additional merge task but now I am unable to add a destination based on my new merge. Is this how it is supposed to function and I have to create a brand new job from scratch?

I even attempted to remove the daily schedule runs for it to see if that would impact it, but it did not.


@kytpowell I will confirm on this and get back to you. Thank you for bringing this up.

@kytpowell this is not a bug. We are not supporting the deletion of “destination task” in edit mode. As of now, the user has to create a new job.

This request is already in our backlog. I will update here once we consider this for release, changing this to idea. Thank you for sharing this request. 

How is this only under consideration? That’s like a product miss. You cannot delete a destination nor clone a job. So much for testing. 

This is bad design guys. I’m calling it out.

Is there an update to this?


This should not need to be an enhancement request. It’s a bug (or from the sounds of it a complete miss on including it first time round) 

I’ve just created a job with 70+ fields to sync, ran it, it failed due to some issues with boolean field formatting. I’ve added the case expressions for 15 or so fields in a transform. And NOW you say I have to start from scratch again. What an unbelievable waste of my time. 

Hello Everyone ,
I am Ishan, Product Manager for Connectors , You will be excited to know that we have picked this activity and will start working on it soon to introduce delete option on Add to Destination task.

I request you all to start sharing your uses cases here, as it will help us make sure that the problem is really solved .


Hello Everyone ,

We have implemented this feature. You can now be able to Delete the Destination Task in connectors jobs .

Under ConsiderationImplemented