Unable to assess the sponsor changes easily with new UI in C360 | Sponsor tracking

Previously with old UI, when there is change happened to sponsor and mouseover the ‘card’ in the C360 and it would show ‘old' & 'new’ changes so you could assess the change easily. In the New UI there appears to be no way to see what has actually changed.
Thanks for raising this up. This is limiting the value of Sponsor tracking and has added time/confusion for our team since the UI update. 
Thanks for sharing!

I believe we still show the change pretty much the same way. The biggest difference is that we now have to hover over the info icon as opposed anywhere on the card. We'll look into how we can improve this interaction; and visibility of the changes and how these connect back to the original values.





Aha! This makes sense now. I just sense checked this in our Gainsight instance with several CSMs, and a grand total of zero  realized  that the popup text infers the 'New/changed' field. (in this example, eBay). Per the original ticket I raised which turned into this post, there's definitely a usability issue in the info button location being exactly where the 'ignore changes' appears - so incredibly easy to click inadvertently, but I think the UI design could certainly be clearer in indicating the change. possibly by showing before/after, or even just saying [i]New/Updated[i]: Company: eBay
Agree with all your comments, Adam! We'll make these improvements soon.
Thanks Manu