True Read-Only Account Widget

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Currently, our Account Widget operates under an Admin permission level.  We recently restricted the ability to add new accounts from that widget but I'd like to see if we can take this a step further and restrict any "create" access from the widget.

I have a customer that currently has users that have access to the Widget but they do not want those users to have the ability to create CTAs or Success Plans.  Currently we can't limit this and it is causing concern that things may be created erroneously.

Is there anything on the road map that might help address this?


Hey Tom, I'm not sure where I posted this, but I posted a similar idea on another thread not long ago. Just for visibility's sake, I had a customer ask for the same thing Tom's proposing - they don't want limited users able to change health score measures or work CTAs, but they do want those limited users to have visibility into that info.

I just wanted to is your use-case just limited to CTAs in account widget or could extend to other features like :

  1. Changing Scores in scorecard 
  2. Editing Summary 
  3. Adding Milestones
  4. Adding Milestones
  5. Adding Transactions. 
  6. etc....
Would it be good to have one permission to govern all edit permission or section wise permissions ?