transforming a date field from "mmddyyyy" to "mm" via Bionic rule


I am creating a dashboard for our Renewals team and have a question regarding formatting / transforming a date field. We have thousands of perpetual contract lines, all with a "Service Activated Date" is mmddyyyy format. For us, it is important to know just the month when the service was activated - some of those dates go back as far as 2010 but our renewals team reach but to those customers annually, usually around the month the service was activated.

In excel, to convert his would be a simple formula = TEXT(cell,mmmm) and then I can plot this onto a graph to show how many accounts have had service activated each month regardless of each or month but I need this to go from January to December rather than just a text field.

Is there a way to convert the date via bionic rules?

Thanks in advance



Could you try using substring formula using Rules Engine ?

Jagadeesh & Katerina, 

Substring formula can be used only on strings and not one date fields. As of now, this is not possible if it is a date time field. 

This is on our list of To do items, but not on near term roadmap.

I will keep you posted on this.