Tracking the statistics of articles in KC bot

Hello team and @harshibanka ,


It would be better to track the stats of the articles that which are being viewed. It would be nice if we can also track which article is being opened quite often and maximum times and which article is being opened minimum. 

Presently we only track the stats of the engagements in the KC bot but not the articles in the KC bot. 




cc: @mickey 

Thank you @avinashthorthi Bot enhancements are planned for Q1 including article analytics and engagement segmentation.

fyi: @alextran @ryankapur 

@ryankapur This feature is now available.

@All, Your enhancement request is considered and available in March-2020 release.

You can now view the analytics of Knowledge Center Bots. KC Bot Analytics helps you understand how often the Bot is used, or how many user views there are on Bot Engagements/articles, or if the search terms are returning the desired results.

To view KC Bot Analytics:

  1. Click Analytics menu from the left pane.
  2. Click Knowledge Center from the Engagements section. The list view of KC Bots is displayed.
  3. Click on the Bot name to view the detailed analytics of the selected Bot.

Note: The date filter on top of the page allows you to select the date range of Bot Analytics.

Please go through this article for more information.