Tracking Shared Success Plans

We're hoping to track whether customers have opened their shared Success Plans (sharing using the weblink send option). I haven't found a way - is this possible?

Hi Jessica, we have this functionality. Please refer this article for more information.

Below is the path to know the tracking status

Administation>>Success Plan configuration>> Manage Success plan Sharing>>Click on Active Users count.

Hello all, Updated the relevant doc accordingly with more details on Shared Success Plan tracking. Please find the updated doc here

Thank you for posting!

I see how you can track whether it was shared, but can you track whether a customer logged into it and looks?

Hi Jessica,

Currently we don't have this feature, thanks for brining this up! Redirecting this to our product team.

@All, please hit like to increase the priority in road map

Hi  @sai_ram - I see this is a 3 years old post --- Do we have any updates here?

I have a similar usecase - Our CSMs want to track if they have shared the SP with the customer or not,so that they can focus on the customers they have not shared with .