Tracking Expansion (Growth) Opportunities

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I'm looking to track growth opportunities to create a pipeline of customer opportunities by increases in usage. Like SFDC tracking a deal value, i would like to track a new growth opportunity by either an usage increase and/or revenue potential.

@minh_phan - input on renewal management

@shantan_reddy - also relevant for potential data science calculations

There is not too much data science can do for this from a product standpoint, yet.

We will need UDM adopted to do anything with usage data modeling.

Datascience consulting offering would help here.

Thanks for the info Dan!

With Adoption Explorer , a new feature we introduced which was in limited release till now and getting into GA this month, you can bring any Time series data and then using Adoption Explorer's Growth function build metrics and do a Growth trend on the data. Good part is these metrics that you build  are stored in AE's MDA objects and hence can be used in Reports, Rules etc to solve desired use cases. Here is the overview link to get more information on the same


Please reach out to us via your CSM to know more about this feature.

@patrick we have been working on a product enhancement that should solve for your requirements. I would be happy to schedule a call with you to discuss this further. Let me know if we can connect sometime. Thanks!