Tokens and Mapping for Timeline Note Templates

It would be great to set some tokens on the Timeline Note Templates from your account. 


For example, we want to set up a template for a “CSM Handoff” when the CSM changes. The leaving CSM will create, but we have some things like “ARR, Sentiment (custom fields on account,), renewal date” that we want pulled into one spot rather than the CSM going to different places. It would be great to be able to token and map like we are able to in Email Templates

We were hoping to use the at mentions in timeline activity to send notifications on the entries to a set of internal users on specific activity types - internal updates, scorecard updates etc.
However, we wanted to tokenize the at mentions using timeline template which is not possible today.

We also wanted to tokenize certain data from Company on some templates. Templates are very static today and less useful if we cannot add dynamic content.