Toggling between contact view and people map view in C360

Hi Team,


Posting this on behalf of our customer.


When we turn on people maps in a org and click on contacts in C360, people map is the default view. It would be great if we provide a feasibility to toggle between the views and if we can't we would like to keep contact as the default view when a CSM clicks on Contact.

@jagadeesh_kumar_paidimarri completely agree the request. Thanks for posting it here.

@jagadeesh_kumar_paidimarri You can also tag the customer if possible. 

Hi @jagadeesh_kumar_paidimarri 

We are currently working on the revamp of the Person and People maps section on the C360 page. 

Post the revamp, the People List and Map views would be list items and the end-user need not set a toggle but directly choose the view they want to see from the list view.


Thank you


Hi all - any updates on when this functionality will be implemented? 

The “People Maps” feature was just turned on for us and our CSMs are asking whether they can choose the default view of Contacts vs. Map, especially since we will probably only build out people maps for select customers (i.e. ones with ARR that meets a certain threshold).

Hi @ritaepreciado we’re contemplating the flexibility of either choosing the views or defaulting to the Person list, I’ll keep you posted about the the approach taken, thanks for bringing it up.