Toggle on/off rule scheduling suggestions.

Posting on behalf of customer.

During rule configuration if you have fetch’s that don’t have any filters rules engine will display tooltip suggestion to make the rule more efficient. 

Some use cases don’t require filters on the fetch and having multiple of these suggestions on the page can cause the page to appear cluttered. It would be helpful to have a toggle to turn these suggestions on/off.

Nice to have an option to turn On or turn Off those suggestions.

Thanks @andrew_biehle . These suggestions are the right idea, with a ‘could-be-improved’ execution. They take up screen real-estate, especially in complex Rules with many Tasks. It slows me down as I’m attempting to navigate among my tasks.



Would you make this an official enhancement (rather than a question) so we can up-vote accordingly?

I find the suggestions annoying.  I’d rather have a place to capture notes in a rule about why it’s configured a certain way OR to capture when changes are made


I also would like this to be an Idea so I can vote for an option to turn it off.


Feature additions like this should ALWAYS come with an admin option to turn them off.

We’ll convert this to a CS Product Idea shortly; we just ran into a backend snafu...

Hi All, 

I do realize this might not be ideal for admins who have created hundreds of rules. However, not everyone is immune from making one of these misses all the time - think of this not as a training wheel but a road safety mark. There is a lot of wastage in Rules overall across the customer base between the data we prepare and data used for actions. 

That being said, we are observing any changes with regards to Rules usage and fine tune this based on data and feedback. This can include a toggle to turn them off as mentioned in this thread or show these to newer customers only, we might even roll these changes back if there is no desired impact. Appreciate your patience as we go through this learning. 


Do vote on this and add any details to share your feedback with us. 

@rakesh  I would suggest that in the future before Gainsight assumes that something like this will be helpful across the board, reach out to the customer base and inquire first. Then you would have gotten feedback ahead of time that this needed an on/off switch and you wouldn’t have irked the admin base.

Thanks @rakesh . 

From my perspective, I’m glad to have Suggestions, as faster-running rules benefit us all. I think it’s in the Design/UI execution here, whereby the suggestion is taking up valuable real-estate that an Admin cannot reclaim. I regularly have 10+ step Rules, with all those Steps appearing along the left in the Setup Rule. Planting several lines of text among/between those Steps means I have scroll farther than necessary to now ‘drive by’ the Suggestions. That (1) increases the click/nav friction within the Setup Rule and (2) increases the chance I’ll open the wrong step for editing. That can lead to *less* efficient Rules, or more Rule Runs for testing, etc.

Put another way, the moment I see the Suggestion presently is not likely the same moment in which I’m likely to research the Suggestion.

By fine-tuning how and when the Suggestions appear, you can still guide the Admin toward efficiency without planting a new speed-bump amidst their day-to-day work. I would posit that the Suggestion isn’t the wrong content, but its execution appears at the wrong moment and in the wrong way to be of most value.

This community is a rich source of input, so I’ll start with three potential ideas:

  1. Clearer understanding of what inspires a suggestion. I have Dataset Steps with several filters applied, and yet I still receive a suggestion.
  2. A tool-tip style alert, so the suggestion can be ‘popped-up’ without claiming on-screen real estate.
  3. A report or Analyzer-style summary of suggestions. That would permit Admins to look holistically at Rules which could be improved, and even gamify the effort of ‘knocking out’ the inefficiencies.