Timeline to support multi-select dropdown

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Hi team!

It would be great if we can allow drop downs to be multi-select so you don't have to use a number of check boxes. Can we consider this as an enhancement?

Hi Jason,

We have a similar request here : https://community.gainsight.com/conversations/idea-the-ability-to-use-multiselect-drop-downs-in-timeline-activity-type-setups-5bc73f35e4b084c623191aa3

You can vote for it and add you comments there.

Thank you Anton!

Thanks Anton and I've done that!

+1 use case would be for our code red process, using the dropdown to identify one or multiple reasons a customer is in code red.

+100 I have two clients requesting the same.

+1, this would be useful for many different cases: risks, products mentioned, feature request categories, etc.


@ana_g Thanks for bringing this up! we have added this to our product backlog. 


@sai_ram any update on when this may be available?

Due to other priorities we are not able to pick this one up but this is high up on our roadmap priorities. I will share updates as we have a concrete plan.


Happy to share the news, multi-select dropdown fields support in timeline is planned to be available from the upcoming October release.

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