Timeline feature to map to any related list/field in SFDC

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Currently the timeline feature syncs activities back to the Acitivity history related list in SFDC. Is there any way to sync this back to a different field/related list?
Thanks for posting, Rish!

Are you thinking of creating corresponding records in a different object in Salesforce (not in Tasks like we do currently)? Or is this about connecting (as a related list) synced activities to a different object (perhaps Opportunities, not just Accounts like we do today)? 
Basically I'd like for the activity to sync from the C360 page to a field on the Account object. For us that field is the Account/Project Status field where we track such activities. Currently what's happening is that it's syncing back to the Account History related list (which has never been used to track activities in the past).
Thanks, Rish. I also took a quick look at your environment. As you mentioned, it's a different related list (custom object looking up to Account). I think once we expose activities to the Rules Engine, writing to this object should be fairly straightforward. Populating 'Resource Assignment' might be tricky, though, as that's not a direct user lookup. Could we use the Owner field instead?

One last question, just so I understand the use-case fully: Who else adds and/or consumes activities/notes from Project Status?