Timeline draft limit increase needed

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Through Gainsight ticket 71673 we learned the Timeline draft limit is 2,000 which is about 7 drafts per user for the approximate number of licenses we have. We are nearing the limit before implementing email to Timeline and email to Timeline relies heavily on recording drafts when the cleint email does not match in Gainsight. Please increase the limit for all instances of Gainsight, or at least make it a per user limit so drafts save properly everytime. Thank you.

The draft limit is actually 5k per tenant, but this is good feedback nonetheless!

Thank you for following up Lila!

Even if the overall limit is similar, it is unmanagable for users to know when the entire organization is near the limit. If we said to users, you each get 20 drafts, they can manage it themselves. Having a limit acrosss our organization is problematic. Even better would be unlimited drafts!

I will update my Gainsight ticket as we are getting error messages and according to the ticket, had 1,980 drafts at the time.

I suppose it's possible that once you have the email to timeline feature enabled, then your draft limit increases to 5K. I'm not sure if that's how it works, but the 5K limit is what was communicated to our documentation team for the email to timeline feature. Support should be able to help us get to the bottom of this!
Minor correction. Drafts limit for drafts from email to timeline alone is 5000. Manually created drafts have seperate limit of 2000.

Is there a way to auto delete the drafts that are more than say X months old? Do we really need that draft that has been hanging there for 6 months +?

How can Admins track the status against the limit?


We have plans to enable reporting on drafts where an admin can create reports on which user has how many drafts, for which customer/ relationship and out of them how many are recent vs stale (> 30 days old).

We also have plans to set-up auto delete of the oldest draft as the limit is reached. Before we auto-delete drafts we will send advance notifications to both admins and end users as the drafts may contain some important customer information, minutes of meeting, etc

ETA not yet decided.



These sound like really helpful steps. Drafts are becoming a bit of a gnat swarm of irritation for our CSMs lately and I have been seeking some way to better inform and assist them by clearing out unneeded drafts.

Hi everyone, with a patch on June 4, Gainsight changed the activity draft limit from per org to per user. Every user can have up to 50 drafts and they will receive an email notification when they reach the maximum. They can also mass delete drafts now with check boxes in the Drafts pane.
we actually need more drafts please.

Hi @jen_pakravan

Can you tell us more about why each user needs to be able to store more than 50 drafts, and what you believe would be an appropriate limit?

@nitisha_rathi Is this something that can be adjusted per tenant potentially, or is the 50 drafts per user a hard limit?

this is what i've heard from a CSM (and this rationale is not uncommon here):

I put ongoing notes in drafts for "onsite topics", etc. Also, I'll go back and clean up meeting notes before formally logging them if I'm in back to back meetings.

Hello Everyone!

Happy to announce that elements for Activity Drafts have been revised to make the options clearer and the drafts easier to manage as part of the v6.18 release (SFDC / NXT). With this release, the Draft tab displays a list of all saved drafts. Users have the option to configure the draft further, log it as an activity, or discard it permanently.

This feature is implemented in both SFDC & NXT versions.

Thanks for posting!