Timeline Activities - New CSM to have the ability to edit timeline activities added by the previous CSM

For our organisation we have created a few activity types that a CSM will add updates, attach new & replace old documents & create new tasks over the lifecycle of the customer (E.g. customer documentation, Renewal conversations, Success Plan).

When a new CSM takes over an account, it would be great if they had the ability to add additional notes & make amendments to these types of activities.

Is this something that has been raised / considered before?


My client has a similar request - when a new AM receives the account, they want to be able to edit past Timeline entries.

We do plan on adding the ability to add Comments soon. That seems like a good solution for this scenario.

Thanks for the feedback, Denise. This would definitely be a helpful addition so glad to hear it's on the roadmap.

Just to clarify, our approach is to allow comments (via a comment thread like you see here in community) so others can add their notes or feedback, however only the original author of an activity (it’s on our roadmap to allow an admin to make edits as well) would be able to edit the original entry.

Being able to add comments is good. However, we need to be able to open and edit existing timeline activities to add more details and add attachments. 

@Livijol you may want to upvote my community post idea, then!