Timeline Activities: Changing the Account

It has come up twice in the past two days where CSMs have accidentally entered timeline activities on the wrong account. Would be nice if they could go to the Global Timeline tab and change the account there once the activity has been created. Currently, I've been just instructing them to recreate using the Copy to Clipboard option, but obviously, it would be easier if they could just move them.

This came up again today, so I’m commenting to bring it back up.  :sunglasses:

Thanks, Heather. We are considering this enhancement in the short term.

I just added to a post about this subject in a related thread.  There are two additional instances of this request.  I’ll link them here so that the scope of this is added together.


I’ve had two separate instances this week of CSM’s putting an activity on the wrong account.  I need to be able to migrate an activity between account.





@toddmassey Thanks for redirecting them here.

Hi Gainsight Team-

This has happened several times on our CS Team especially using Gainsight Assist. Any updates on this request?

Hi @rsivesind , We don’t have an immediate plan to support Account change for the logged activities, so cannot comment on the timeframe. There are other high-priority items on which the team is currently working. If we see more people are upvoting it, we’ll definitely include it in our roadmap. 

Agree with this, and would also like to be able to move activities from one relationship to another.

I just assigned an email activity to the wrong account and want to move it to the correct account. Where is the field to do this?

We run into the need for two actions with activities frequently:

  1. moving an activity from one account to another account for several reasons - gainsight email to timeline assigned to incorrect account, duplicate account names that we’re working on merging.
  2. duplicating the same email or activity to several accounts for virtual meetings or emails with a centralized contact that works with several account entities.

@Chirag  what is considered upvoted enough for this? it’s over 25 which seems like a good amount.


We have an internal account and BCC and Google Chrome Plug-in is getting confused and we cannot correct where it is defaulting bc it recognized internal users/ contacts to the internal account.


This is causing a lot of confusion as it does not go to drafts so CSMs have no idea it is not being logged properly, and further they then are unable to make the correction.

Good morning, our team would greatly benefit from this capability. Thank you!

 Any updates on the timeframe for this?