Time of Task and Sync to Outlook Calendar

Our CSMs are requesting that Tasks have a due time (not just date) and that you are able to sync them with their outlook calendar.  If they tell a customer they will call them at 2pm, it would be nice if the Gainsight CTA that they set for themselves had a task with a time of 2pm that would show on their outlook calendar.  
This is something that is still being requested from our CSMs. They would really like a notification when a call is on their calendar 15 min prior just like in Outlook.
There has been something that a our CSMs have been recently chattering about. It's a super helpful idea!

Yes, this would be extremely helpful as a CSM!

I think GS will need to enable the ability to sync tasks in addition to the CTAs which are already currently available. For the above to work, I think CSMs will need to be able to see Tasks in their calendar. There is an idea already posted for this here: 



Hello All,
There are two things thats being discussed here.

  1. Syncing the tasks to calendar → We do support syncing CTA’s today,  available in our NXT edition. Please find the details here  Syncing tasks is a great idea, we will check this from our end and provide  an update here.
  2. Providing an ability to create a task with a due time together with date. → This is something i need to redirect to respective PM to get the answer for.