Three Survey Admin UX requests

1. Allow folders or categories or some other way to manage long lists of surveys. I'd like to be able to collapse under business unit or type of survey, for example.

2. There is a mouseover link on the number of respondents in the Survey card. It's non-functional. I'd like to be able to pop up the list of respondents from this link. The same list you get when you click the Responded bar in the survey analytics.

3. Could we show Last Send Date and Last Response Date right on the survey card in the admin panel? See attached marked up screen shot.

@mark_b5a12a Sorry for the inconvenience, we have Survey 2.0 with new capabilites. Each survey in the list view displays the following information:

Survey name

Date of recent activity on the Survey (Created date / Last Modified on / Last Responded on / Closed on)


Entity Type (Accounts or Relationships)

Number of responses

Number of questions.

Please refer this article for more information.

Thanks for posting.