The ability to change the "FROM" email address when using the email assist feature

We are continuing to see a marked increase for the need to be able to change the "FROM" email address when you are using the email assist feature in cockpit. 

Perhaps the most pressing use case occurs when have to white label for a subdomain. Given that the email assist feature looks only at the currently logged in user we find our selves in the position where these emails are going out without proper white-labeling in place and this can cause a decrease in the probability of a successful delivery.

In addition to this, customers would like the ability to have the email come from the assignee of the task itself irrespective of who triggers the email.  
I agree here. The use case we ran into: as an admin, I want to send out emails to NPS Detractors on behalf of my VP or a CSM. Thankfully, I'm a Salesforce administrator, so I was able to log in as the other use and send the email "from" them.

Enabling this capability is little risky as this will let a user send mails on behalf of anyone else. If we enable this capability, what level of permissions/ restrictions will you need in it?


Bad idea.  Agree its too risky.

Emails that need to be sent out as someone else should be done directly via Copilot.  Email Assist should be reserved only for a resource sending out a semi-automated email that requires some level of customization.
Box has a need to be able to customize specifically the "from email" in the email assist tool for our pooled account management program. We can control this in gmail using the from dropdown (see screenshot) and in co-pilot via the standard form.

Use-case -- Advisor (CSM) has consultation with a customer. They create a CTA and apply the post-consultation playbook which includes an email with a post-consultation survey link. Using the below advisor as an example - the email should come from Sumat Lam "". That way if the customer responds to the email, it is pushed back into the ticketing pool.

I do however agree --- exposing this to everyone is a bit risky. Controls would need to be put in place to validate senders to specific email addresses.


Interesting. In our case we have such emails come from "Customer Success Team" rather than a CSM so as to prevent any confusion that this is an assigned resource.
Hey Jeff -- Great comment. We've tested out both approaches (Team vs Individual name) over the years and have found that open rates are higher with an individual's name -- and we don't see or hear too much customer confusion.

A big piece of that is we've coached the other parts of the company who are part of the customer journey - Sales, Consulting -- on how our pooled team operates, and how to talk about them.

On the phone the Advisors are proactive in ensuring the customer knows they're part of a team. For example  "Hi I'm part of the customer advisory team -- we're here to.... You can always email pooled-alias@box and someone from my team will be able to assist you."
Leveraging 'Organization-Wide Email Addresses' settings in SF or providing something similar might help. The idea is that you should be able to send as yourself or as one of these org-wide emails that you have access to. So anyone with the 'CSM Advisor' role could have access to send as John Doe ( John Doe is always the same, though. But it looks like you'd like the display name to be whoever actually sends the email?
Yep! If we have to choose one name -- we could make that work. Priority one is to hide the individual advisor's email. 
Mozy requires the same due to whitelabeling a sub-domain
This would help our company immensely.  If the From address is hardcoded into the email template and you have the ability to report on the history of the emails sent, I don't see the issue with this functionality.  This would allow our customer service folks and/or account managers to send emails from more senior level folks with a greater touch.  
Could this be made optional?  If a company requires a flexible FROM address, then admin can enable it to be edited by end users; but if a company doesn't, then leave it uneditable by end users?
I like this Jeff. Maybe its a separate feature that has a separate permission available to it. Then an admin could open it to select CSMs or other employees.
I would limit the access to Admin only.
Hi Nadav,

As part of the Summer release(will be available Sep first week), we have added capability of adding Custom Domains in 'From' Address

Documentation for the same will be available during the same time.


Hi Jeff,

As part of the Summer release(will be available Sep first week), we have added capability of adding Custom Domains in 'From' Address and for this we have a Configuration at Admin level to enable this feature.


Hi All, Summer Release is out now and this feature is shipped in Summer Release. 
Hey Sai -- Thanks for sharing. Do you have a response re: the ability to customize the full email address, not just a customized email domain? See my post above for relevant screenshot.
I agree with Nora. There are times when we need to be able to send an email from Email Assist for the person assigned the CTA not the person clicking send.

Ex. CSM is now on maternity leave and we need to transition the account.
Hi Lane/Nora,

As mentioned in earlier post by Nitisha, giving an ability to send email on behalf of anyone else is Risky. 

We have this in our Roadmap and we are working on Permissions around this, will share an ETA once i have it.


Thanks Hitesh -- Some broad sweeping thoughts.

Similar to copilot -- allow customization on From Name, From Email, Reply to Email

Designate a set of 'approved list of send from email addresses'. A CSM wouldn't be able to put anyone's email address in, but could choose from a list of available options. That way an email address could be exposed for a certain time -- like maternity/paternity  leave, but then removed once the mom/dad returns. 

Permissions to 'approved send from lists' could be controlled by User, Role, and/or Profile.

I think a combination of the above would be perfect to protect against risk.
@Lila or another community moderator -- would it make sense to branch this new request into a new thread? I'm worries this will be overlooked with the implemented status attached.
Hi Nora, Yes,absolutely make sense to create new thread.Good if you could post new one,will be easier for you to track.
New Thread post here:
That other post is apparently no longer available ("Sorry! You don't have access to the content you requested"), and I want to be able to have CSMs send Email Assists from our "accounting@" email address. Does the post still exist somewhere, or should I create a new one?
Seth, I haven't done it before but I *think* it's a combination of

  •  Admin/Email Configuration/Compliance
  •  Admin/Call to Action/General Settings/Choose From email address is email assist

Then again I could be wrong :)   The documentation isn't very clear.

Let me know if you get it figured out.